The Story is that…

…we’re constantly subjected to stress. It is what causes our bodies to degrade and perform less optimally. We become less energetic as metabolic processes become less efficient, our ability to work and learn declines as we can’t think as clearly, aches and pains develop as our bodies become less able to balance themselves. 


Fortunately, there is a solution.

The key is to stimulate our bodies to adapt to a stronger state so that they can better handle the various forms of stress that our bodies undergo. Our bodies work in such a way that their various systems are interrelated and thus, each have an effect on another either directly or indirectly.


When our bodies properly adapt, they are able to function or work better. Our bodies work better both physically and chemically. Physical movement is performed more easily, or more athletically, as the muscles, joints and other structures involved with movement, are in better condition while chemical processes in our bodies will be carried out more effectively as our bodies are more harmonized on both the hormone and neural levels.


In the end…

…the idea is to maximize our potential to be resistant to stress and thus, our bodies are more able to keep their state of equilibrium. In essence, we will function at a higher capacity.